Belgian fintech company Unifiedpost has acquired 21 Grams, AKTI and BanqUP, quickly acting on its ‘buy-and-build’ acquisition strategy that was laid out after the €47 million fundraising round this summer and a September listing on Euronext Brussels. 

Through the deals, Unifiedpost Group further develops its one-stop-shop platform and expands its activities from fifteen to twenty European countries.

21 Grams, headquartered in Oslo and operates throughout Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, was bought with a valuation of about €34.5 million. Founded in 2004, the company has been providing outbound mailing solutions and optimised post and parcel services to the Nordic countries.

The idea is that Unifiedpost’s payment technology, combined with 21 Grams services, could storm the Scandinavian e-commerce market. The Brussels-based company will finance the deal with 7 percent shares and 93 percent cash.

Belgian startup BanqUP brings on board neobanking technology and business activity in Poland. The transaction will be half in shares and half in cash.

Finally, AKTI is a small Belgian startup that offers SMEs cloud-based commerce and e-commerce solutions, including order management and invoice processing. Unifiedpost Group will finance the acquisition 85 percent by shares and 15 percent by cash.

All deals are slated to complete in January 2021.

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