Tel Aviv-born startup Walnut has announced $2.5 million in seed funding and simultaneously launched its platform for inside sales teams, which allows them to create sales demos without any code. Dubbed the “Wix for sales teams”, the startup collected investment from Wix’s CEO, Avishay Abrahami.

NFX led the round, while a host of other investors and entrepreneurs joined: Joe Montana and Michael Ma, partners at Liquid2; Matt Wyndowe, partner at Graph Ventures; Kenny Stone, co-founder at Plangrid; Immad Akhund, former YCombinator PT partner and current CEO at Mercury; and Alon Gamzu, CEO at RoundForest.

Walnut says its platform removes the reliance on back-end teams, such as graphic designers, product developers, and R&D, when creating demos. Sales representatives can drag-and-drop elements to develop ‘storylines’, which are customizable templates based on previously successful demos, specific to each client or vertical a company is trying to pitch.

Founded in January of this year, the Israeli startup also has an outpost in San Francisco. Customers include both startups and enterprises, such as Namogoo and publicly-listed Varonis.

Photo: Walnut co-founders Yoav Vilner and Danni Friedland

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