Exclusive: YouShould, a site that connects people with local bars for booking events and parties, has raised $750,000 in total funding and is launching in London.

This latest batch of funding for the French startup comes from TheFamily, Kima Ventures, and Seier Capital.

The startup's app allows users to access details on nearby venues through geolocation. They can see what’s going on in their neighbourhood, reserve spaces in the establishment, negotiate food and drink prices for their event, and have more control over the organisation of their parties. It was founded a year ago and so far has been used by 150,000 people in French cities like Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux.

It has since launched in Brussels as well and is now preparing for its London launch. The app is free to use for regular users but the startup charges a small commission for the bar owners.

“Nightlife is changing for bars. We’ve seen a general decline in numbers over the last few years, and the attacks in November only made things worse,” said one Paris bar owner that uses YouShould. “But at the same time, the number of reservations that we’re taking has been going up. YouShould is able to guarantee stability and a regular stream of clients.”

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