Earlybird VC Ciarán O’Leary: “European investors need to up their game.” (video interview)


VC firm Earlybird is easily one of the most active and interesting funds investing in tech across Europe, and the firm’s partner Ciarán O’Leary is easily one of the most insightful investors in the region, so we were happy to catch up with the man at the recent Web Summit in Dublin.

O’Leary, who also does a mighty fine job blogging over at berlinvc, shared his thoughts on Berlin the maturing startup ecosystem, the rising quality of startups all across Europe and why US investors are increasingly taking notice, and why European investors, in turn, will need to “up their game” to stay competitive.

We also chatted about the ‘competition’ between the different European startup hubs. Spoiler: O’Leary and I agree that we should move away from that and start thinking of Europe as an integrated ecosystem.

Enjoy the interview – more to follow!

Featured image credit: pashamba / Shutterstock

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