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Two weeks ago, I was in Barcelona for the official launch of the program for the 4YFN conference, a mobile startup and innovation-focused event that is taking place alongside the bigger Mobile World Congress.

Besides having a chat with 4YFN director Aleix Valls after the press conference, I also had the chance to sit down with Israeli entrepreneur and angel investor extraordinaire Yossi Vardi after doing an animated fireside chat with the man on stage.

In the video interview, Yossi explains how he became the chairman of the 4YFN conference, and discusses the Israeli startup ecosystem with all its (mainly recent) positives and what he refers to as its 'main negative' - watch the video to see what he means by that.

Yossi and I also talked about what he's learned from making 85 angel investments in companies to date, their overall performance, and what he considers to be the future trends in technology.

Note: Tech.eu is also partnering with a new pitching event called IoT Stars, which will take place on Monday, March 2 at the iconic Agbar Tower in Barcelona. See y'all there?


Featured image credit: Dan Taylor / Heisenberg Media