When the night falls in Barcelona: a photo essay of the ‘after dark’ side of Mobile World Congress 2014


The annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona wouldn’t be much fun if the conference didn’t end in the early evening every day, giving the 85,000+ attendees, speakers and sponsors a chance to head to the countless side events happening all over town.

Indeed, it’s no secret that the endless barrage of cocktail receptions, organised and impromptu dinners, award shows, pitching competitions, meet-ups, pub crawls, booze fests and straight-up parties in bars, especially rented venues and nightclubs makes up a big part of the appeal of the Mobile World Congress every year.

It helps that Barcelona is a relatively small city and easy to get around, and its nightlife tends to be spectacular year-round.

The only ‘problem’ is, really, figuring out which side event to attend first and which one to skip. It’s a constant battle of making decisions and people trying to get into places and parties where they hadn’t been invited to, or to which they neglected to purchase tickets for.

Heisenberg Media photographer Dan Taylor and I attended quite a few of the evening festivities, from the smaller shindigs to the more elaborate soirées. In this post, you can find a sample of photos that were taken at these events.

Also check out our photo essays of the 4YFN conference and, of course, the actual Mobile World Congress. All these and other images on our Flick page can be freely used, but note that some rights are reserved (we ask you to credit properly, basically).

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