Attention all listeners: Podcast needs your voice!

This week marks the 200th episode of our show — and we want to make it all about you. This podcast would not have been possible without you, and we appreciate it every time you press the play button on your podcast app.

So, you’ve been listening to us for over five years; now, we’d like to hear your voices — and let you hear each other.

Here’s how this will work. Wherever and whoever you are, hit the record button below, introduce yourself, and pick one of the five questions to answer:

🎙 What does European tech mean for you personally?
🎙 Which startups should we follow in 2021?
🎙 What’s wrong with European tech (and how do we all fix it)?
🎙 What’s the strongest point of the European tech ecosystem?
🎙 Where do you expect to see growth in 2021, and why?

Tell us who you are, tell us a story, tell us a joke, share a take on your local ecosystem — or anything else you want to say on the topic!

Don’t overthink it — record right now! We’ll collect the recordings around 17:00 CET on Thursday, December 17 — and do our best to air all the relevant comments on Friday!

(If the above isn’t working for any reason, here’s an alternative URL.)

Image credit: HONG FENG on Unsplash

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