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Here’s what we discussed this time.

🎤 The biggest deal of the week: immersive reality tech startup Varjo has raised a $31 million Series B round from Atomico, Next47, and others.

🎤 Apple’s shopping in Europe

🎤 HelloFresh and the issues with subscription marketing

🎤 Interview: Semyon Dukach, One Way Ventures

🎤 Berlin-based startup Pitch raises $19 million to take on slide decks

🎤 Events:

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Our reading recommendations

🎤 Kara Swisher: “I just knew I was going to surpass these guys I was working for.” Also, check out Kara’s recent AMA session on Reddit.

🎤 Blockchain scepticism: “The Big Blockchain Lie” and “Sorry Civil, ‘crypto-economics’ and ‘constitutions’ won’t save journalism.”

🎤 Bonus: Tim Berners-Lee on reinventing the web (without blockchain).

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