Welcome to our interview special — a new episode format, in which we put together a few pre-recorded conversations with some of the most interesting people of the European startup ecosystem.

You can find the latest episode here or embedded below.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about the benefits of starting up in the Baltics, why would anyone need a tech that can count curse words, how to bootstrap a startup to 500 employees without raising external funding, and much more.

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Meet the people featured in this episode:

🎤 Cristobal Alonso, the CEO and El Patron of Startup Wise Guys

🎤 Mika Rautiainen, the CEO of Valossa

🎤 Raitis Purins, head of marketing at Printful

We hope you enjoy this special format — please let us know what you think! Feel free to email us with any questions, suggestions, and opinions at andrii@tech.eu or tweet at @tech_eu@nnovick, and @adegeler.

Image credit: Sam McGhee on Unsplash