Podcast #134: Maria 01’s big ambitions, mobility industry update, Fairphone 3, interview with Ditte Rude Moncur of the Danish Growth Fund, and more

This week, Natalie Novick and Andrii Degeler discuss the plans of Maria 01 to become the biggest startup campus in Europe, the latest developments in the mobility industry, a review of Fairphone 3, and the story of the custom phone ringtone. Also there for you is an interview with Ditte Rude Moncur, chief data & digital officer at the Danish Growth Fund.

Brussels hospital sees at least one e-scooter accident every day

The Sint-Jans hospital in Brussels helps at least one victim of an e-scooter accident per day and expects the numbers to rise when the weather gets better, reports. Currently, there are four e-scooter companies operating in the city, of which two (Troty and Bird) have entered a winter hiatus, one (Dott) has just started […]