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Because the continent of Europe is terribly fragmented, in more ways than one, and for a host of other reasons, there are few publications that have attempted to cover the European tech industry as a whole, let alone in depth.

To wit, it’s a daunting challenge and the obvious needs of the various ecosystems across the continent are currently met only by local (English-language or not) blogs and news sites, and larger publications that tend to scratch only the surface, focusing mainly on the happenings in major hubs such as London, Berlin, Paris, Helsinki, Stockholm and Tel Aviv.

We feel strongly that the broader European tech scene deserves something more. We believe that there is a clear unmet need for a publication to go both deep and wide and deliver data-driven analysis, news with nuance and context, opinionated but thoughtful commentary, combined with solid research.

We also believe there are certain regions in Europe, primarily (but not only) emerging markets in central and Eastern Europe, that are currently being underreported on. Too many great stories are being left untold, and we think the broader, global tech community would benefit if that weren’t the case.

Simply put, we’re not satisfied with the coverage of the European tech industry as it stands today, and to scratch our own itch we aim to produce the type of content we would like to read ourselves.

We are a team of writers and entrepreneurs with a knack for quality reporting. We’re devoted to highlighting the innovation that is happening all across Europe, and reporting on the trials and tribulations of its technology industry from a big-picture perspective.

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The Tech.eu founding team

Robin Wauters

Technology journalist with previous stints at The Next Web, TechCrunch, Virtualization.com and Blognation under his belt. Never gets tired of traveling around Europe to meet its finest entrepreneurs and investors.

Alex Barrera

Founder and CEO of Press42, an Agile/Lean trainer & evangelist at Proyectali, and co-founder and curator of Tetuan Valley, an international startup incubator based in Madrid. Formerly editor at The Kernel.

Ivo Spigel

Co-founder of IT solutions company Perpetuum Mobile and Croatia's premier startup program, ZIP. Former editor at The Kernel; regularly writes columns for Forbes Croatia and is working on a book with interview of European startup founders.

Roxanne Varza

Runs startup initiatives for Microsoft in Europe after working with a number of startups. Co-founder of Girls in Tech Paris and London, and co-organizer of the FailCon conference in Paris. Formerly editor of TechCrunch France and contributor to The Telegraph, The Kernel, Betakit and Business Insider.

Jon Bradford

Managing director of TechStars London; previously co-founder and CEO of pan-European startup accelerator Springboard. Played an instrumental role in setting up incubators across Europe, from London to Estonia, Bulgaria and Moscow.

Adrian McShane

Coder - entrepreneur, formerly head of product at The Kernel Magazine. Had a long career building technology solutions for "old media".

Leen L. Segers

Tech.eu COO and passionate about startups, entrepreneurship, cloud video and music, APIs and (algo)-rhythms. Previously leadership roles at Saffron Digital, Kaltura and Massive/Media (Netlog).

Charmaine Li

Senior editor and writer at Tech.eu. Previously, she was an editor at VentureVillage, a Berlin-based news outlet for digital innovation in Europe. Originally from Toronto (Canada), Charmaine now lives and works in Berlin.