German public-private VC firm High-Tech Gründerfonds has announced the launch of its third fund which currently stands at €250 million with a final closing expected to be €310 million as more investors commit to the fund.

The fund, HTGF III, will provide not only capital but experience from High-Tech Gründerfonds’ 480 seed investments, said Dr Michael Brandkamp, managing director of High-Tech Gründerfonds, with access to the German economy.

“We offer an individual and appropriate support and flexible financing for start-up entrepreneurs,” adds Dr Alex von Frankenberg, who is managing the new fund.

There are 28 large and medium-sized companies that have invested in the fund, which will back companies with up to €3 million per company. HTGF is a public-private VC firm that invests in German companies but according to the announcement, the firm will consider investments outside of Germany with this fund.

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