We spent a few days talking to the movers and shakers in Lisbon, one of Europe's most promising tech startup ecosystems. Here's what we found.
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  • Rute Silva Brito

    I enjoyed reading this article – one of the few that don’t read like a PR piece and instead portrays reality like it is. Lisbon is growing but not enough to be considered the new startup hub in Europe – the ecosystem is still too small. That’s why I, being a Lisbon native, moved to the US to launch my startup.

    • joe domingos

      You should support your Country my friend!

  • Leonardo Mathias

    Interesting perspectives, yet light on substance. To name but a few, the concept of where a company is from (ie – Farfetch and TalkDesk in particular – ) and where the founders are from, is the tipical lightweight conversation, about what comes first: the chicken or the egg. But aside from a slighly paternalistic tone, I would kindly ask Robin to get his sources strait next time he is in town. To say that ” I was told Vasconcelos has already played an instrumental role in getting the Web Summit to move from Dublin to Lisbon” is utterly preposterous. As pointed correctly in the article Mr. Vasconcelos worked at a Lisbon Municipality Association at the time of the bidding of the WS. There are 2 people who can confirm what in reality went on: Paddy Cosgrave or myself as head of the Governmental Team pitching for the WS to come to Lisbon. Journalism is good only when it is credible.

  • Angela

    Talkdesk is expensive. There are free alternatives like Bitrix24 and Asterisk that do just about as much.