was at last month’s 4YFN event in Barcelona, taking place alongside Mobile World Congress, with more than 12,000 attendees over three days.

On the exhibition floor, startups from around Europe and beyond were showing off their wares, from nascent startups looking for funding to more experienced companies looking to grow their customer base.

We caught up with some startups at their stalls to find out more. Our sincere apologies for the audio quality, which was affected by the background noise in the large hall; we do hope you get something out of it anyway!

First is Barcelona’s own Wide Eyes Technologies, which develops an API for product searches for fashion labels and retailers, from individual items to full outfits.

Braingaze, another Spanish startup, works in the health tech space with its brain scanning technology. It can used to help diagnose conditions like ADHD or track the brain development of children.

IoTUK is a government-funded organisation in the UK that is seeking out budding British startups in the internet of things space to provide guidance and, where possible, money for their development. It also acts as a link for other traditional businesses and industries that may benefit from working with IoT startups.

Social app Wanty connects users that are in the same area or at the same event. Using a Tinder-like model, a user can select someone that is at the same place (like the gym for example) and if they select back, it opens up a chat feature.

Its next step is to launch in more European cities.

Featured image courtesy Dan Taylor / Heisenberg Media