Last July, I sat down for a video interview with Marcus Weldon, the then-CTO of telco equipment giant Alcatel-Lucent. I sat down with the man again a few weeks ago at the 4YFN conference in Barcelona, only this time he was introduced as the CTO of Nokia, a role he has assumed after the Finnish company’s merger with Alcatel-Lucent was finalised.

The interview was recorded by the 4YFN crew and published on its YouTube channel yesterday, and we’re pleased to share it with you here because it proved to be another interesting conversation about anything from 5G and the next generation of networks, the Internet of Things but also virtual reality, drones and more.

Weldon, who also serves as the president of the iconic Bell Labs, is outspoken about his vision on the future of networks, which was formed after many years of leading research in the space. The video interview is well worth a watch, particularly if you were actually at the 4YFN event but were stuck queuing for your badge for a long time on the first morning…

We’ll publish more videos from on-stage and backstage 4YFN interviews soon!

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