Mobile advertising is on the rise - but so is mobile app fraud. Peggy Anne Salz highlights three German startups fighting the battle against fraud in different ways.
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  • Alex Mann

    Cheap in, cheap out. App install campaigns are a complete fraud. ‘Incentivizing’ someone to download your app so they get more points on Candy Crush isn’t user acquisition. It’s junk. Affiliates are the other problem with fraud. They buy the cheapest, dirtiest inventory out there, and cannibalize your real marketing as they capture the lowest hanging fruit, i.e. people who would convert anyway. Essentially, avoid these two marketing tactics and your brand should be ok.

  • Dmitry Isakov

    Good article but doesnt cover ClearFlow ( solution – the young player on the fraud detection market, but the results on mobile cpa-traffic are much more impressive than some old players show…
    @disqus_fvcZUDSk83:disqus – according to our data at least 60% of mobile cpa traffic is fraudulent :-(
    Btw: I can give you the promo code to check 5000 conversions for FREE with ClearFlow.