There are a lot of technology conferences, summits, meetups, festivals and other types of events being organised all across Europe (we know this first-hand because we attend quite a few of them).

A list of all major tech events in Europe was something we could always use, but the reality was that many of the existing resources out there were typically too incomplete or rapidly outdated for our taste.

So, in order to scratch our own itch, we’ve built our own online calendar of EU tech events, and figured our readers might find it useful too. The link will take you to a (editorially curated, and by no means exhaustive) list of the most important upcoming technology-related events in Europe.

The best way to consult it is by using the default the monthly view, and you can drill down to individual event pages with all the most relevant information and useful links (example: Startup Island Conference – which is co-organised by co-founder Ivo Spigel).

The list isn’t meant to be super exhaustive and include every single local tech event or meetup – for the sake of clarity we’re only listing events that we consider appealing for an international audience.

But, while we can’t include every single tech event happening in Europe, we’re open to adding more interesting events to the 2014 list. You can contact us here for suggestions (and corrections for that matter) and any feedback you have for us to improve the calendar. We’ll also include a list of upcoming tech events in our weekly newsletter from now on to keep you even more updated.

Btw, can you believe how many events are being organised between 1 September and mid-December? events
  • Ronnie Rocket

    This is a really excellent tool. One suggestion: maybe crowdsource it (for regular readers with a Disqus log in) instead of ‘manual’ contact? Here is an exciting event in October that you should add:

  • Great initiative! An always-up-to-date GCal feed would be even nicer 😉

  • Useful post. Tech EU is becoming the best source of information about what’s happening in Europe.

    Would love you to consider including Business of Software Conference Europe (25-26th June) on the list. First time to be run in Europe though been going seven years in the US.

  • Dave Collins

    Good list – thanks. Surprised you didn’t include the Business of Software though – their first year in the UK? It’s an astonishingly good event – head and shoulders above most other conferences. And I’ve been to many!

  • Great tool! Thanks. Is it possible to subscribe to this public calendar via Google Calendar? I did not find the link.