As part of our ongoing mission to provide you with the widest ranging, and the best in-depth contextual analysis of what is happening in the European technology scene, today we launch a new vehicle for us to bring you this through, with the first episode in our soon-to-be weekly podcast.

The sound quality isn’t the greatest, and the jingle is questionable, however, we hope that the content more than makes up for this.

On this first episode, Roxanne Varza and myself discuss:

Rest assured, we will be improving sound quality, and the production itself over the next couple of weeks, as we continue to dive in and discuss the most important and interesting stories emanating from Europe’s technology scene.

In the meantime, please let us know your feedback on our first episode, and if you have any suggestions for what we should cover going forward.

We will be live on iTunes in the next couple of weeks, but for you now you can subscribe to future episodes on Soundcloud.

(Tip: To reduce the interference when listening, I found that it helps to turn the volume down)

  • Great start to the show! Hope you guys get plenty of special guests on as well, it would be interesting to hear perspectives from the startup ecosystem across Europe..

    • Neil Murray

      Thanks Jonathan, incorporating guests is definitely something we plan to look at once we get a few shows under our belt!

  • bcurdy

    Nice to see you getting into podcasts :) Congrats! Noise reduction in Audacity works really well for the kind of interference you have (and even better in Audition). Available to tell you about the tricks and tips I’ve learned along the years if useful.

    • Auphonic will also do noise reduction, levelling and much more :)

      • Neil Murray


    • Neil Murray

      Thanks for the tips!

  • Yathushan Sivarajah

    Hi Guys, I love the show.

    Could you change the soundcloud account so that it will post future episodes in an RSS feed like so:

    • Neil Murray

      Glad you like it!

      And yes, we will be creating an RSS feed, as we will also feed this through to iTunes in due course!

  • Moral Max

    Noise reduction in Audacity works really well for the kind of interference you have.Casquette NY