Today, we’re relaunching Radar, our European tech data and market intelligence platform, as

In case you hadn’t noticed, has been slowly but surely adopting an even more data-driven editorial strategy than has been the case up until now – which is great news for you!

Our newsletter has been growing tremendously (both in terms of subscribers and the amount of quality information and links to great, relevant content we deliver each week).

We also have our paid reports, which we can confidently say are unmatched when it comes to quality in terms of European technology market intelligence, with many more on the way.

We exist to gather and analyse accurate data to ensure professionals can make the right kinds of business decisions related to European technology, whether it’s investors looking for deal-flow, corporate innovation managers looking to connect with the right startups in their respective fields, or M&A executives looking for what (or where) to buy next.

In May last year, we added another tool to our toolbox with the launch of Radar, an online database of (primarily but not only) European tech companies and investors, in close collaboration with Dealroom, and gradually improving it over time.

We’re working with Dealroom even more closely to ensure that it doesn’t simply stay a database filled with loads of accurate information, but also a veritable market intelligence tool that can be used to draw insights from and thus give users a competitive advantage.

Today, we’re relaunching the platform with a different URL, (no) name and a brand new user experience, based on the revamp that Dealroom itself recently underwent. We’d love to take the credit, but Dealroom has really managed to build a platform that anyone who’s interested in the European technology industry can no longer afford to ignore.

The database now has information on more than 500,000 companies, investors and people, and it’s growing in size and quality every day thanks to a mix of manual input, quality assurance, machine learning technology and sheer magic.

Dealroom also has a fresh premium offering if this piques your interest. One tier offers deep online market reports, and advanced filters such as growth signals, historical revenues, forecasts, and concierge corporate finance-like services.

Companies who are looking for even broader / deeper access to Dealroom’s data and insights can contact the company for API access – enabling funky integrations with CRM systems, websites and other software platforms.

Feel free to explore’s new data platform, powered by Dealroom, by searching for information and diving into its massively useful online reports on deals, countries, cities, industries and business models. To submit new, or edit existing data on the platform, you can sign up for Dealroom free of charge.

Some screenshots to get a sense of the value the platform can deliver: data data Accel Parteners data Oleg Tscheltzoff data General data Countries data Fields


Featured image credit: everything possible / Shutterstock