The 50 most exciting lean hardware startups in Europe

An increasing number of entrepreneurs all across Europe are diving into the world of lean hardware, head first, and coming up with great products. Here's 50 of the most exciting ones we could find.
The 50 most exciting lean hardware startups in Europe

All over Europe, we've witnessed a growing number of lean hardware companies popping up, trying to change the way you automate your home and appliances, keep track of your fitness, record memories, monitor air quality, lock doors and bikes, and about a million other things.

Hardware may or may not be the new software, depending on who you ask, but an increasing number of entrepreneurs are jumping into the hardware (+ software) space, thanks to the rising speed and flexibility of the manufacturing supply chain, and the decline in costs and risk.

It's one of the more interesting trends we're keeping track of here at, but it's quite a daunting task to keep track of so many projects and companies being started in such a wide range of European countries.

In an effort to start seeing the forest for the trees, we've put together a fairly comprehensive list, featuring 50 of the most exciting lean hardware startups in Europe we could find. Like other lists, I'm sure we've missed a few here and there, but hey, that's what the comment section is for.

Despite the numbering, note that the list below is in no particular order.

The 50 most exciting lean hardware startups in Europe:

Narrative - automatic lifelogging camera

1) Narrative (Sweden)

Description: "A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory."

Status: Buy now for $279 (starts shipping - free of charge - in March 2014)



2) Tado (Germany) "One third of the energy consumed around the world is used for heating or cooling buildings. We believe in state-of-the-art intelligent technology that fully automatically ensures that no energy is wasted."

Status: Buy now for 299 euros (or rent for 8.25 euros per month)


Jolla - we are unlike

3) Jolla (Finland) - "Jolla was born in 2011 out of passion of its founders towards open innovation in the mobile space. At the core of Jolla is Sailfish, the most modern, mobile-optimized operating system. Running on Sailfish we are creating Jolla smartphones."

Status: Buy now for 399 euros sans shipping costs (Europe-only)


CubeSensors - Improving indoor living (1)

4) CubeSensors (Slovenia)

"Make your home healthier, your office more productive. Just place a small, stylish, cordless and connected Cube in each room."

Status: pre-orders starting at 235 euros for a small pack



5) Lock8 (Germany / UK) - "Use your smartphone as an e-Key to easily lock and unlock your smart bike lock. Smart sensors and detectors.

Push notification and community alarm service + bike GPS tracking."

Status: Pre-order now for $199 (ships mid-2014)



6) Brightup (Germany) "Through personalized and smart lighting brightup empowers you to create and enjoy the best light quality at home. An intuitive plug and play solution for wireless home light automation."

Status: Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign kicked off last week


NeuroOn - Changing the way you are working and resting

7) Intelclinic / NeuroOn (Poland) "NeuroOn is the world’s first brainwave - monitoring SLEEP MASK that allows you to switch from monophasic to polyphasic sleep. That means you can sleep less and more efficiently."

Status: Freshly funded on Kickstarter ($438,573)


Scanadu   Sending your Smart Phone to Med School

8) Scanadu (Belgium / US)

"A scanner packed with sensors that enables anyone to conduct sophisticated physical exams — in a snap."

Status: Indiegogo campaign concluded ($1.6m raised), ship date unknown



9) Leapfrog (The Netherlands)

"We want to make 3D printers that create high quality printed products, available and affordable to a broad user base."

Status: Buy now - 3D printer start at 1,250 euros



10) Intellectronics (iSocket) (Finland)

"iSocket Intelligent devices are designed to control electrical equipment remotely (for monitoring premises, temperature etc.)"

Status: Buy now - starts at 119 euros (EU countries)


BLAZE - Launching the Laserlight - Blaze Laserlight

11) Blaze (UK)

"The Laserlight projects out of the blind spot to tackle the most common cause of cycling accidents - vehicles turning across an unseen bike."

Status: Buy now for £125


Withings -

12) Withings (France)

"We help you turn on your well-being with our smart products and apps."

Status: Withings already sells stuff like smart body scales and baby monitors; other products will start selling later this year.



13) FlyKly / Smart Wheel (Slovenia - US)

"Smart Wheel is here to offer a brand new perspective on the invention know as the bicycle: it will make an end to needless effort spent on pedalling."

Status: Pre-order now for $590 (begins shipping in June 2014)


Airtame raises $1.2m in crowdfunding for its wireless HDMI dongle

14) Airtame (Denmark)

Its self-proclaimed mission is to enable “anyone to show any content, from any computer on any screen – wirelessly”.

Status: Pre-order its wireless HDMI dongle for $99 now.


teamluuv on Instagram

15) LUUV (Germany)

"A camera stabilizer that enables you to tape all your adventures shake-free."

Status: Hitting Indiegogo for crowd-funding in March


Panono - Panoramic Ball Camera

16) Panono (Germany)

"Capture more than just a picture with the Panono Camera and discover a whole new experience."

Status: Pre-order now for 549 euros (VAT included)


Kano - Make a Computer

17) Kano (UK)

"A computer anyone, anywhere, can make."

Status: Pre-order now for $129 (ships worldwide in July 2014)


Join us leading the mobile revolution

18) Geeksphone (Spain)

"Join us leading the mobile revolution: Powerful custom smartphones."

Status: its latest phone, Revolution, will be available later this year



19) KOLOS (Bulgaria)

"World’s first tabletop gaming wheel for iPad."

Status: Unknown for sign up for updates here



20) Blackphone (Switzerland)

"The world's first smartphone to put privacy and control ahead of everything else."

Status: Pre-ordering begins at Mobile World Congress (February 24, 2014)



21) BEETHEFIRST (Portugal)

"A professional 3D printer, easy to use and perhaps the best-looking printer on the market."

Status: Buy now for 1.618 euros (VAT not included)


indie Phone — Deeply Empowering

22) Indie Phone (UK)

"Design thinking meets open source in a phone like no other."

Status: Bootstrapped, crowd-funding this year, shipping in 2016


Simple, Seamless Storage For Your MacBook   The Nifty MiniDrive

23) Nifty MiniDrive (UK)

"Simple, seamless storage. Available for Air, Pro & Retina MacBooks"

Status: Buy now for 34.99 euros and up


Petcube – Watch, Talk and Play With Your Pets From Your Smartphone.

24) Petcube (Ukraine / US)

"A home gadget that lets you watch, talk and play laser games with your pet through mobile app anytime, anywhere."

Status: Pre-order now for $199, ships in May 2014



25) Green momit (Spain)

"Imagine a thermostat with modern and customizable design."

Status: Buy now for 250 euros


KIWI.KI - Sure. Intelligent. Comfortable.

26) KIWI (Germany)


"KIWI opens doors. Safe, smart, comfortable. Without Looking, without buttons, without a key."

Status: Buy now for 399 euros


Teddy The Guardian

27) Teddy The Guardian (Croatia)

"Teddy The Guardian looks like a normal plush teddy bear. But he's full of sensors to track the vital signs of the kid who is playing with him."

Status: Pre-order now for 169 euros



28) BabyWatch / Bellabeat (Croatia)

"We set out to offer modern moms-to-be a new interactive experience in pregnancy - make it a relaxing, social and emotional experience."

Status: Buy now for $129



29) Changers (Germany)

"The first solar charger with a built-in community."

Status: Buy now (Solar Charging Starter Kit starts at 149 euros)


Mother •

30) / Mother (France)

"Really smart systems allowing the creation of new services in all areas of everyday life."

Status: Pre-order 'Mother' and 4 'Motion Cookies' now for 199 euros


Revolution In Fleet Management

31) CloudYourCar (Poland)

"Simple employee GPS tracking. Just plug it in and track employee's business trips, mileage and job times."

Status: Pre-order now (price unknown)


Phones - Kazam (1)

32) Kazam

"Fresh thinking in the world of mobile phones."

Status: Buy now online and in stores (price depends on type of phone)



33) Wodd (France)

"A small device that attaches to the bottom of your skateboard to track everything that you do and everywhere that you go."

Status: Stay tuned (sign up for notifications here)



34) MuteWatch (Sweden)

"Wearable technology with a human approach."

Status: Sold out (online price normally 199 euros)



35) Now Computing / Stormfly (Spain)

"With a killer OS, contained on a super-fast USB 3.0 wristband, StormFly is basically a PC on your wrist."

Status: Store currently down, directs people to Amazon


3D Camera mount for Oculus Rift  dev kit  by gillespinault - Thingiverse

36) SoftKinetic (Belgium)

"Provider of end-to-end, 3D vision for PCs, portable electronics and machines."

Status: Sells a range of products, including middleware



37) Little Printer / BERG Cloud (UK)

"Delightful web-connected printer that lives in your home."

Status: Buy now for £149 / $199



38) Fon (Spain)

"Fon members share a bit of their home WiFi, and in turn get free access at millions of other Fon hotspots worldwide."

Status: Buy the new Fonera router now for 39 euros


Visiobike - high tech electric bicycle

39) Visiobike (Croatia)

"A smart e-bike with carbon frame. It has cool features such as smartphone integration, GPS tracking and HD camera."

Status: Unknown, sales should start soon according to media


Syntact™   Ultrasonic

40) Ultrasonic Audio Technologies (Slovenia)

"Acouspade is a highly directional speaker and is focusing sound by exploiting the nonlinear interaction of airborne ultrasound and air."

Status: Email [email protected] to buy (499 euros + VAT).

-------------- sistema-wattio

41) Wattio (Spain)

"Wattio allows you to know when and how you consume energy."

Status: Pre-order the Wattio SmartHome pack now for 126.00 euros


Greyp Bikes

42) Greyp Bikes (Croatia)

"Our goal is to develop and produce the ultimate electric bicycles by enhancing user-experience and technology."

Status: Buy from dealers soon ('early 2014') for 6.500 euros



43) Relayr Core (Germany)

"A smart sensor board that makes it super easy for you to create Internet of Things connected apps."

Status: Unknown but sign up for updates here / See WunderBar too


Developing a photo

44) Fojo / Enfojer (Croatia)

"Print photos using Enfojer and your iPhone."

Status: Not ready for pre-ordering yet, sign up here


iSketchnote - From pen and paper to you iPad!

45) iSketchnote (France)

"The authentic feel of paper directly digitized on your iPad in real time."

Status: Pre-ordering should start soon (sign up here)


46) Alima (France)

"Monitoring indoor air quality to protect your health."

Status: Indiegogo campaign ongoing, raised $11,500 so far


Good Night Lamp – site currently being made better  -

47) Good Night Lamp (UK)

"A family of connected lamps for your global friends & family."

Status: Unknown (sign up for updates here)


Smart Hand – the hand that feels by CHIPOLABS   Chipolabs Llc – smart hand – the hand that feels

48) Smart Hand / Chipo Labs (Bulgaria)

"The hand that feels."

Status: 'Coming soon' but you can donate here



49) AirPlusPlus (Romania)

"Measures pollution in your home. It has sensors for indoor air pollutants that can affect your health."

Status: In private development, sign up for updates


Daisy Pi   The home monitoring e-flower

50) Daisy Pi (Romania)

"The Raspberry Pi-powered home monitoring e-flower."

Status: Unknown but there's a buy page that directs elsewhere


That's all, folks. Okay, which ones did we miss out on?

Update: notable omissions include Raspberry Pi (UK), although I chose not to include it for several reasons, and the following list:

- Valkee (Finland): Bright light therapy headset - see our profile

- Netatmo (France): range of smart monitoring products

- Shaka (Estonia): connected weather station

- Playground Energy (Bulgaria): harvesting kids' energy to make outdoor toys interactive

- +iD (Estonia): world's smartest ID card reader

- Lima (France): unifies the memory of your devices so they can act as one

- Click & Grow (Estonia / US): grow fresh herbs naturally, with the Smart Herb Garden

- KEECKER (France): bring your house to the next level where any wall becomes a screen

- OCDesk (Estonia): keeping your workspace as clean, simple and minimal as possible

- Smokio (France): the connected electronic cigarette

Featured image credit: maroti / Shutterstock

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