Oh snap! Here are 10 cool and creative (made in Europe) photo apps for you to give a shot

Also overwhelmed by the thousands of photo apps out there? From data-moshing to capturing 3D scenes around you, here's a list of 10 creative European photography apps worth giving a whirl.
Oh snap! Here are 10 cool and creative (made in Europe) photo apps for you to give a shot

There's no doubt that the rise of smartphones and photo apps have completely changed the way we approach photography and share images.

Instagram's impact speaks for itself. VSCO Cam has the ability to add elegance to almost every image. Drake Shake is incredibly entertaining (and the best thing ever?).

But despite the slew of creative photo editors and communities spawned in the last couple of years, how many cool and creative European photography apps can you name off the top of your head?

Maybe a handful – at most. In an effort to help you spice up your photos while simultaneously raising awareness for some refreshing (and well-designed) EU-made options, here's a list of 10 apps that are worth giving a shot:

1) Glitché – "A full range of tools and options to turn your images into masterpieces of digital art"

Renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight made headlines last year when he shot a Diesel campaign entirely on iPhone and used Glitché to edit/distort images. Founded by Vladimir Shreyder, users can transform their images into a digital pastiche with the app's trippy, glitchy and interactive filters. Fans of Glitché include singer Lily Allen and fashion director Nicola Formichetti.

Developed in: Moscow, Russia Available on: iOS (iTunes link) Cost of app: Free


2) Dubble – "Take a picture and mix it with anyone in the world"

Launched in late 2013, Dubble takes its inspiration from analog film and double exposure photography.

The photo app – which was founded by Adam Scott, Angelo Semeraro, Ben Joyce and Uldis Pirags – lets you shoot photos and overlay them randomly with photos taken by other users. Results can vary from ethereal and entertaining to airy and awkward.

Developed in: London, UK Available on: iOS (iTunes link) Cost of app: Free


3) EyeEm – "Get real photography"

Founded by Florian Meissner, Lorenz Aschoff, Ramzi Rizk and Gen Sadakane in 2011, EyeEm is a sleekly designed app that allows users to shoot, edit and discover photos as well as buy/sell images through its new marketplace. The startup recently announced a deal with Getty Images and claims 10 million registered users.

Developed in: Berlin, Germany Available on: iOS (iTunes link) and Android (Google Play link) Cost of app: Free


4) Seene – "Share life in 3D"

Computer vision startup Obvious Engineering is behind Seene, an app that lets you capture life-like, 3D "seenes" around you. Not sure what that means? Take a look a Seene's Tumblr, which includes some impressive examples (warning: may leave you slightly motion sick). The company's technology was named UK's most innovative at Mobile World Congress 2014.

Developed in: London, UK Available on: iOS (iTunes link) Cost of app: Free


5) Repix – "Remix your photos"

Developed by Finnish mobile app developer Sumoing, Repix focuses on photo-editing via filters, brushes and frames. The app, which comes with a basic selection of tools, is free to download – additional effects and styles can be purchased in-app. Repix reportedly received 4 million downloads within five months of launching.

Developed in: Helsinki, Finland Available on: iOS (iTunes link) and Android (Google Play link) Cost of app: Free


6) Lenka– "Professional black and white iOS camera"

Alongside a team in France, internationally-recognized portrait photographer Kevin Abosch – who's photographed the likes of Yoko Ono and Steven Spielberg – has developed an app focusing on black and white photos. Instead of searching through numerous filters, there is simply a black and white preview in real-time emphasizing subtle textures and highlights.

Developed in: France Available on: iOS (iTunes link) Cost of app: $2.99


7) GoldfrApp 

Electronic music duo Goldfrapp celebrated their latest album Tales of Us with an eponymous photo app that combines two of your photos to create a double exposure image similar to Dubble. Developed by Marc Kremers (Future Corp LTD), the app lets users randomly select two images from their library by simply shaking the phone.

Developed in: London, UK Available on: iOS (iTunes link) Cost of app: $0.99


8) Melodigram – "Capture the moment, add your feeling, share instantly"

Developed by Finnish app developer Minus Degree Mobile, Melodigram is a photo-sharing app that spices up your images with "atmosphere" aka an audio component. The company, which was founded by ex-Nokia Jonathan Massey and Samu Karänen, closed a $1 million funding round in February.

Developed in: Finland Available on: iOS (iTunes link) and Android (Google Play link) Cost of app: Free


9) Loopcam – "Make videos with stickers and filters"

A predecessor of Twitter's Vine app, Berlin-based startup Loopcam lets you add quirky stickers and effects to your looping videos. Founded by Tor Rauden, Källstigen, Martin Ström and Martin Löfqvist in 2011, the startup has remained relatively quiet since it announced its launch in China last year.

Developed in: Berlin, Germany Available on: iOS (iTunes link) Cost of app: Free


10) Tadaa

Among the companies who benefitted from Instagram's hotly discussed changes in its terms of services was Tadaa. In addition to its self-titled app, which features a number of filters and special editing tools that can be purchased in-app, the German startup also offers Tadaa 3D and Tadaa SLR.

Developed in: Hamburg, Germany Available on: iOS (iTunes link) Cost of app: Free


Any cool creative photo apps in particular that we missed? Let us know.

Featured image credit: Courtesy of Dubble.me

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