The state of patents in Europe (and 600 million reasons for you to care)

An Irish law firm has looked at the numbers reported by the European Patent Office (EPO) for 2013, and produced an infographic with some key findings and notable conclusions. We're happy to share.
The state of patents in Europe (and 600 million reasons for you to care)

Did you know there were a total of 265,690 patents filed in Europe in 2013? And that the top 5 countries filing patents in these parts are the United States, Japan, China, South Korea and Germany?

And that Samsung stood out as the company that filed for most European patents (2,833 or almost 44% more than #2, Siemens at 1974)?

I didn't either, but the following infographic by law firm Sherwin O'Riordan Solicitors does a good job at visualising 'the world of patents in Europe' and sharing some key numbers, like the fact that only 5.5% of all patent filings comes from universities and public research institutions, and that roughly 1 in 4 patents are granted (66,712 in 2013).

Probably why so many patents are filed for anyway: European patents provide protection in a whopping 40 countries, covering an area of 600 million inhabitants.

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Featured image credit: Olivier Le Moal / Shutterstock

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