The top 10 European tech speakers

The European tech industry produces a lot of great startups, but what about great speakers? Bizzabo seems to think it does, and has created a curated list of 10 top European technology speakers.
The top 10 European tech speakers

There are tons of tech events in Europe happening throughout the year (check out our comprehensive calendar for the first half of 2015), but who are the best technology speakers from this part of the world?

Well, Bizzabo, a company that helps organisers with the community-building and networking aspects of physical events, has curated a list of Europe's top technology speakers, based on its experience working with more than 4,000 professional conferences and events across the globe.

I can think of a few names that should probably be on this list (Sir Tim-Berners-Lee, Maelle Gavet, Saul Klein, Martin Varsavsky and Brent Hoberman spring to mind) but it's not a bad list to start with.

In no particular ranking, here are the top 10 European tech speakers, according to Bizzabo:

Mikkel Svane (CEO of Zendesk)


Morten Lund - Chairman at Tradeshift


Tine Thygesen - (now ex-)CEO of Everplaces


Paddy Cosgrave - Founder of Websummit


Nick Robertson - CEO of ASOS


Riccardo Zacconi - CEO of


Daniel Ek - CEO of Spotify


Dave Lewis - CEO of Tesco


Peter Arvai - CEO of Prezi


Dana Tobak - Managing Director and Co-founder of Hyperoptic


Who would you add to (or remove from) Bizzabo's list?

Featured image credit: LeWeb / Flickr

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