There's a European Startup Revolution happening, and you can be a part of it

Ivo Spigel, writer, entrepreneur, co-founder and my personal friend, is almost ready to publish his book, The European Startup Revolution, but he could use your help (and cash) for the last mile.
There's a European Startup Revolution happening, and you can be a part of it

There's a startup revolution underway across Europe, and you can read all about it. Here on, of course, but also soon in a new book written by one of our co-founders, Ivo Spigel, and proudly co-published by our parent company.

Today marks the kick-off of a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo for the book, aptly titled 'The European Startup Revolution', and we can't emphasise enough how much we'd love for you to take part and help make the book a published reality.

The European Startup Revolution will zoom in on some of the women and men who have played an instrumental role in building and nurturing the startup ecosystem(s) in these parts during the past five years.

The book will feature in-depth interviews with 30 leading entrepreneurs from all corners of the continent, including the creators of category-defining companies such as SoundCloud, Prezi, Fon, Mendeley, Supercell, Huddle,, Deezer and Nordeus.

The European Startup Revolution   Indiegogo

Rather than merely giving you a snapshot, the interviews will give readers real insights into how these women and men overcame barriers to achieve their ambitious goals. They are unique stories that are bound to inspire countless more entrepreneurs to start and build successful tech ventures.

Ivo Spigel is a gifted writer but also has the enormous benefit of having started and invested in companies (through startup accelerator ZIP), and has built up valuable knowledge about the European startup scene for many years. You will enjoy reading his book, I'm sure, but you'll have to wait until the end of April / beginning of May to get your hands on a physical or digital copy.

Until then, check out the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign and help make the final production, pretty look and publication of this unique book happen. Perhaps even more importantly, please spread the world about the book and the Indiegogo campaign far and wide!

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