From taxi booking to 'computers with wings' (AKA drones): A chat with Hailo founder Jay Bregman

We recently sat down with Jay Bregman, a serial entrepreneur who has previously founded companies like eCourier and Hailo in the UK, and has now become obsessed with programmable drones.
From taxi booking to 'computers with wings' (AKA drones): A chat with Hailo founder Jay Bregman

At the recent Web Summit in Dublin, we caught up with Jay Bregman, founder and former CEO of taxi booking startup Hailo and now building Verifly, a self-described 'VeriSign for drones and other robots'.

At the time of our interview, Bregman had been in the news for leaving Hailo at a time when the company announced that it was pulling out of the United States market to leave the battle to Uber and Lyft.

That was a complete and unfortunate coincidence, Bregman informed us, before talking more about how Hailo is doing and what the reasoning behind the retreat from the US market was (spoiler: there was simply much more growth potential in Europe and Asia).

Bregman then talked about how he got excited about the future of drones and the ability to program robots after meeting with Chris Anderson of 3DRobotics fame. Initially trying to keep it a hobby, Bregman became convinced about the commercial potential of the technology behind what he refers to as 'computers with wings', and left Hailo to pursue his new interest.

To learn more about his new post-Hailo startup, dubbed Verifly, watch the interview.

Featured image credit: @Kmeron for LeWeb12 Conference at Westminster Central Hall

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