Earlybird pumps cash into travel tech company 'dcs plus' (Romania)

Don't let the name Earlybird VC fool you into thinking they only invest in early-stage businesses. The pan-European investment firm has, with little fanfare, announced (PDF) that it has injected an undisclosed amount of capital into Bucharest, Romania-based travel technology firm dcs plus.

The company was founded back in 2002 and offers a suite of solutions for the travel industry, including a sales and reservations platform, an inventory management and distribution system (catering to tour operators specifically) and general travel agency management tools.

Its reference clients span some 40 markets, and dcs plus boasts a strategic partnership with travel software juggernaut Amadeus.

Earlybird partner Dan Lupu explains the reasoning behind the investment thusly:

"With a 13-year track record, dcs plus has potential to become a leader in the travel technology space. In fact, with its enterprise-strength and complete software stack, dcs plus is poised to untangle the spaghetti bowl of travel technology offerings all together. The company’s engineers have developed and continue to develop software for the global travel industry in multiple markets."

Yummm, spaghetti. Anyway, the extra cash will be used for expansion but also to modernise dcs plus' existing software solutions (read: making them cloud-ready and fitter for mobile devices).

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