Introducing Radar, an online database for all things European tech

Today, we're launching Radar, a searchable online database crammed with useful information about technology companies and investors in Europe - and beyond - in partnership with Dealroom.
Introducing Radar, an online database for all things European tech

Today, we're delighted to announce the launch of Radar, an online database of (primarily but not only) European tech companies and investors, in collaboration with Dealroom.

In our ongoing quest to gain a deeper understanding about the European technology industry, and raise global awareness about its current state and challenges ahead, one thing we've learned is that qualitative data is the key to unlocking valuable insights.

This is why we regularly publish data-driven articles, and why we are increasingly producing our own reports based on the data we're continuously collecting (both free and paid). And we're just getting started.

On the Radar

There are plenty of online databases of tech companies and investment firms available, but it doesn't take anyone long to realise that they fall short when it comes to solid information on actors from across the entire European tech startup ecosystem. This is understandable, as most are operated by American companies, who often fail to grasp the level of fragmentation that defines Europe.

When we first saw Dealroom, we were impressed with its focus on putting together a detailed, curated list of movers and shakers from across the European technology industry, which eventually led to this collaboration. If its first incarnation was similar to AngelList, arguably the most impressive online database of its kind today, Dealroom is a different beast now altogether and on a course of its own.

FWIW: Dealroom tells us it is already being used by 2,000 investment funds globally, who use it to scout and analyse investment opportunities.

Similar to our previous launch of an online EU tech events calendar and the more recent debut of the first pan-European tech startup jobs platform, we are happy to make this database available to you under the virtual roof.

How does this thing work?

You can use the map or search directly for companies (e.g. Delivery Hero or Spotify) or investment firms (e.g. Index Ventures or Rocket Internet).

For companies specifically, you can find info on target markets, business model, relevant statistics and also jump straight to similar companies and industry funding.

For investors, you can find details on their overall strategy but also drill down on similar investment firms, portfolio companies and which investors they've done deals with in the past.

A third important tab / section is 'Insights', which is essentially a curated stream of information about funding and M&A transactions. It should all be pretty straightforward.

A work in progress

Now, is the data on Dealroom 100% accurate and complete? By all means, no, and I daresay no database of this scale can ever hope to achieve that. But the Dealroom team, and us, are determined to mold it into the single best resource for tech company and investor information available on the Web.

On that note, we welcome your contributions to make Radar even better. To help us improve the database, you can sign up for Dealroom for free to claim your company profile and make direct changes. The large majority of the data currently on Radar / Dealroom is already user-generated, but it's heavily curated (quality trumps quantity etc.).

It's important to note that the launch of Radar is just the first step in our partnership with Dealroom. In the future, you can expect much deeper integrations, and we'll also tie in data from Radar into future unique content - both the free online articles and our paid reports.

In the meantime, we'd be delighted if you could give Radar a whirl and tell us what you think.

Featured image credit: lvsanmas / Shutterstock

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