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Are you a European B2B startup looking to expand to North America? Meet Peel

European B2B startups looking to expand into the US and Canada are well advised to take a look at this offering from partner Peel Solutions: your 'North American Wingman' can help you scale.
Are you a European B2B startup looking to expand to North America? Meet Peel

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored article, which means it’s independently written by our editorial team but financially supported by another organisation, in this case, Peel Solutions. If you would like to learn more about sponsored posts on, read this and contact us if you’re interested in partnering with us.

European tech startups looking to grow their business and reach in North America - which tends to be a regular occurrence among ambitious young companies - are well advised to take a look at what Montréal, Canada-based Peel has to offer.

Billing themselves as 'your North American wingman', Peel actively assists startups and growth companies from all of the world with their strategic positioning, increasing their income, growing their market share and implementing marketing and communication strategies if they're looking to scale in the US and Canada. has partnered with Peel after looking at their track record and becoming convinced that their offering can make a big difference for European startups aiming to successfully 'cross the Atlantic'.

Peel's offering will be particularly interesting if you're an innovative B2B tech company looking for new business and/or partners on the East Coast of the United States or in Canada, and preferably already have revenue from existing clients coming in.

There are multiple ways you can collaborate with Peel, but it's worth noting their rates are affordable because the company is looking for longterm partners - ask for commission-based pricing models or revenue sharing agreements if you'd like to partner with them based on future success.

To wit, there are plenty of organisations in Silicon Valley and other places in the United States that pretend to be able to soft-land and accelerate the businesses of startups from Europe and other regions, but that actually makes evaluating Peel's offering even more worth it. readers interesting in expanding their business to North America can contact Peel Solutions using the email address [email protected] or the contact form on this website.

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