EU-Startups listed and researched 85 European tech startup accelerators so you don't have to

EU-Startups has released a new report, offering a complete overview of the European tech startup accelerator landscape.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.41.01 has been tracking the European startup accelerator landscape for a while now (see links below) but it's been ages since we've done a headcount - we tracked about 100 accelerators in Europe back in November 2013 but haven't done an update since.

Today, our friends over at EU-Startups released a (paid) report that helpfully lists and describes 85 active tech startup accelerators from across Europe.

We had a close look at the report, and the most valuable part of it in my opinion is that it enables entrepreneurs to compare the basic terms and duration of each program in the list, which is sorted by geography (20 countries in total) and includes corporate accelerators.

According to the report, the average accelerator program in Europe provides roughly €30,000 in seed financing (+ access to mentors, office space and whatnot) in exchange for a 7,53% equity stake.

The average duration of a European accelerator program is ~14 weeks.

You can buy the full report here for €29 / £22.61.

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