Berlin-based smart home security device maker BuddyGuard raises $1 million

BuddyGuard, a Berlin startup specializing in home security products, has raised approx. $1,000,000 (€911,000) in seed funding.

**Exclusive**: A Berlin startup wants to make your home safer, and has convinced a number of unnamed angel investors and German electronic components company Bachmann to plow approximately $1 million into its fledgling business to make that vision a reality.

The startup in question, BuddyGuard, is about to bring to market FLARE, a smart home security device that combines high-tech hardware components, a nifty design and artificial intelligence tech with features like face and voice recognition, geolocation and 3G backup.

The system will be launched this summer at a price point of €279 / $319 per device.

The seed financing round follows a successful run on Kickstarter, where the company raised about $220,000 in a campaign that exceeded its funding goal by more than 200%.

“We are dedicated to giving people the peace of mind to enjoy their lives, knowing that their homes are safe,” says CEO Herbert Hellemann. “Our team of 14 has been working on the development of the product for more than one year, and we are excited to launch a product that is easy to install and operate, while offering 24/7 security and protecting user privacy.”

On that last point: FLARE automatically switches on when all users have left their home, and after positive identification and authentication upon re-entry, the system automatically covers the camera lens in order to protect user privacy. The device itself is can be controlled through a mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android.

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