Dow Jones VentureSource vastly underreports Q1 fundraising data in Europe

In Q1 2016, European and Israeli tech companies raised a combined €4.8 billion, making it a record-breaking quarter in the region, according to our extensive data and research.

**Update:** Dow Jones tracked 411 deals in Q1; we tracked _790_ funding deals.

Don't take our word for it: Dealroom separately tracked €4.6 billion for the quarter.

Investor Gil Dibner (who hand-curates and collects data on this as well) tracked about $3.75 billion - €3.3 billion - for Q1 2016, using a different methodology but also categorising as a record quarter.

How to explain then that Dow Jones VentureSource tracked only €2.4 billion for Q1 2016, exactly half of what we tracked, and categorising it as a _decline_? And how to explain that people are actually using this data to make sensational yet untrue conclusions? There's a lot to say about the state of tech fundraising in Europe, but not that it's going down. Quite the opposite (for now, at least).

We knew we were getting extremely good at catching deal activity in the region, and we're pleased that others who are noticing the same trends we are.

Now can someone please tell Dow Jones they can use this? For free.

Reporting erroneous and incomplete data sets as factual information can lead to investors, corporates and governments to make conclusions based on false assumptions. Reporters who don't do their homework is unfortunate, but the former is simply dangerous.

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