How WooRank plans to enlarge's search engine appeal

If you're familiar with and our mission, you know chasing mostly meaningless traffic and engagement goals is not exactly a priority for us - we've all seen what happens to quality when audience growth is valued above reader satisfaction.

That said, we do want to make sure the content we work hard to produce surfaces when people search for relevant keywords in Google, Bing and other search engines.

To that end, we've recently partnered with WooRank, a Brussels, Belgium-based company that offers Web-based software that enables website owners and publishers to analyse their websites and receive clear, actionable insights on how they can be optimised.

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WooRank is an online tool that helps businesses improve their search engine rankings and user experience to increase organic traffic and boost conversions.

The tool carries out an instant and comprehensive audit on your site which can be saved as a PDF, with the option to produce white label reports that can be used by digital marketing agencies and shared with clients. From technical criteria to SERP tracking,

WooRank identifies inefficiencies and provides data about the areas that require attention, while highlighting other opportunities to further improve your online visibility. You can also benchmark your progress against your competitors and monitor your efforts over time.

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As part of the partnership, WooRank has made quite a number of suggestions for improvement when it comes to SEO, user experience, indexing, tagging and whatnot, and we've started implementing changes that have already yielded positive results. However, in my experience it pays to continuously strive to optimise and measure improvements over a longer period of time.

In a few months, we'll revisit this and tell you how WooRank's suggestions have helped grow.

No doubt it will also prove to be useful feedback for other website owners and publishers!

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