Amsterdam’s Aigency launches recruitment agency for AI tools

Aigency, a recruitment agency for artificial intelligence technologies based in Amsterdam, has officially launched.

Self-described as the “iTunes for AI”, Aigency, which is headed up by Jim Stolze, acts as a sort of middle man between the developers and startups that build algorithms, bots, and other AI tools, and the companies that need to use them. It does not own the software but handles the compliance, security, and privacy.

“We the client on the latest technologies (most of the times it’s a combination of solution, not just one algorithm) and create a smart contract with the startup so that we’re all clear on which data will be used, during which period by which intelligent agent,” said Aigency about its announcement.

It added that the race for talent is not just with humans but with access to the best AI tools, especially as the market continues to grow and it becomes flooded with hundreds of more algorithms.

Aigency earns revenues through a pay per use model, facilitated by smart contracts on the blockchain. Commission will vary between 10% and 20%. Currently Aigency is working with three customers and in discussion with about a dozen startups.

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