Kick off the new year in style and meet in Madrid (Monday 9 January 2017)

We're currently hard at work crunching all sorts of data that we collected in 2016, to deliver the most comprehensive EU tech-focused reports on Q4 and the full year in the beginning of 2017.

We're going to present fresh data and insights on European - and Spanish - tech funding, exits and general trends over in Madrid on Monday 9 January 2017 at Google's Campus in the fair capital of _España,_ in collaboration with Novobrief /Jaime Novoa.

If you're in or near Madrid, feel free to swing by for the presentation of our upcoming report(s), insights on the Spanish market, a panel discussion with local founders, and some quality networking over beers.

The event is totally free and you can register here.

If you can't make it, fret not, for we are also organising a high-level networking event called Mobile Sunday in Barcelona on the evening before the Mobile World Congress (Sunday 26 February to be exact). You can buy early-bird tickets for that event here.

Oh, and check out our recent dive into the Valencia startup scene.

Hope to see you soon in Spain!

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