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The WARP Future Communication accelerator is helping startups do big things

hub:raum, the Deutsche Telekom startup incubator, on how to boost your chances of establishing a successful business in the field of communications.
The WARP Future Communication accelerator is helping startups do big things

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According to current information from the AngelList , today in the world, there are 2,927,871 startups. Only a minority survive beyond three years. Luckily, there are ways to increase the likelihood of making it long-term. hub:raum, the Deutsche Telekom startup incubator, has recently launched the WARP Future Communication program for startups, offering unique opportunities in the area of communications.

There are four well-known pillars for building a successful tech startup: an innovative idea, a broad range of knowledge, technical and financial resources, and execution. It seems simple - but in reality, it’s a true challenge to combine creativity with knowledge and experience in a wide range of areas (to mention just a few: management, going to market, sales, customer service, etc.) – along with having a well-functioning technical platform and support.

Taking into account that 80% of successful startups have multiple founders , involving a large, well-established corporation with appropriate resources, plus a startup accelerator with unique knowledge, can not only successfully bring the idea to life – but even more importantly – bring that idea to the market.

hub:raum and Deutsche Telekom are inviting startups from across Europe to a new program: WARP Future Communication. The program aims to develop innovative communication services by offering the opportunity to accelerate the business and go to market with strong corporate partners.

WARP Future Communication is designed for startups with innovative ideas in communications and related areas such as speech recognition, parental control, artificial intelligence (AI), voice-based messaging, digital life and generally enriched voice and video communication experience. The program provides a mixture of all the tools and resources startups need to develop, scale, and commercialize their services, including both technical and business support. WARP Future Communication offers the technical platform, network, and know-how for startups – and provides a unique opportunity to go to market.

Don’t miss your chance – apply now.

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