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RE•WORK’s machine intelligence summit will explore the future of autonomous vehicles

The two-day event takes place in Amsterdam on June 28 and 29 with speakers from various industries.
RE•WORK’s machine intelligence summit will explore the future of autonomous vehicles

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RE•WORK will host its Machine Intelligence Summit in Amsterdam on June 28-29. The two-day event will focus on machine learning in autonomous vehicles and machine learning’s impact on industry in the future.

The summit will feature presentations, panels, and workshops from startups, corporates, and researchers on the future of machine learning and artificial intelligence in transport and vehicles as well as areas like cybersecurity and policy.

Twenty-five speakers will be lending their expertise on autonomous cars and machine learning. Pablo Puente Guillen, an advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) researcher at Toyota Motor Europe, will be covering safety protocols for driver assistance and autonomous vehicles.

Tarin Ziyaee, director of AI for Voyage, the spin-off from Udacity, which was founded after the education company’s self-driving engineer training program, will be speaking on Voyage’s mission to develop autonomous taxis by retrofitting existing cars.

Sjoerd van der Zwann, CTO of the Netherlands’ 2getthere, will be talking about his company’s efforts to develop autonomous shuttles and the fleet it launched in Dubai. TomTom autonomous driving research engineer Jim Aldon D’Souza will be discussing mapping and localisation in self-driving tech.

Machine learning’s impact will be felt in multiple different industries, from fashion to health to travel. Over the course of the summit, attendees will hear from various industries on how they’re applying machine learning.

Tijmen Blankevoort, CTO at Scyfer, a spinout from the University of Amsterdam, will be discussing humans’ role in the development of AI solutions and how his company advises multinationals on machine learning best practices.

Zalando research lead Roland Vollgraf will lay out the company’s work on using machine learning to identify personalised fashion for users. Panagiotis-Alexandros Bokaris from L'Oréal will cover how the cosmetics giant is developing its own augmented reality solutions and applying them to beauty products.

Skyscanner’s senior data scientist Neal Lathia will show how the flight booking site has leveraged rich traveller data with its key algorithms. Télefonica’s scientific director Alexandros Karatzoglou will present how the telco is putting machine learning to use and Tanya Harris, CEO of Harrman Cyber, will be discussing the efforts to use machine learning to bolster cyber security protections.

NVIDIA will also host a workshop during the event. The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute welcomes developers, engineers, and data scientists interested in machine learning and autonomous vehicles. The training workshop will guide participants through everything they need to know to get started with building and deploying neural networks in self-driving cars as well as in sectors like healthcare, robotics, and online services.

“NVIDIA’s software and hardware made a big impact on deep learning already, so it makes sense that as the next step, it would start applying deep learning to its own problems,” said Bryan Catanzaro, vice president of applied deep learning research at NVIDIA. “There are a lot of relatively unexplored fields that are important to NVIDIA, so I’m eager to try a bunch of new projects out.”

“The event will bring together a mix of leading industry, influential researchers and innovative startups, including CTOs, research scientists, engineers and founders,” added Nikita Johnson, CEO of RE•WORK. “We’re looking forward to bringing together the machine learning community in Amsterdam as well international attendees working in AI.”

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