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Aruba Cloud’s We START You UP will help startups leverage the cloud

The cloud provider’s startup program gives startups advice and access to cloud infrastructure.
Aruba Cloud’s We START You UP will help startups leverage the cloud

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Aruba Cloud, one of the leading cloud providers in Europe, has launched a new startup program called We START You UP, an initiative to help young businesses better leverage the cloud.

Cloud services are a huge benefit to startups when it comes to flexibility and costs. Cloud computing allows young companies to scale their architecture in tune with their businesses’ growth and budgets. This removes the need for companies to invest huge sums of money into their own in-house infrastructure and the maintenance costs that come with that.

The cloud also provides greater reliability and performance for accessing important data from mobile devices and workforces. At the same time, a cloud provider takes care of security, ensuring that data is safely secured while also accessible. As a consequence, startups do not have to worry about this.


“Aruba Cloud is trying to extend these benefits to startups through our know-how and tools to make the right use of the infrastructure”, said Stefano Sordi, Aruba Chief Marketing Officer.

“We want to offer technology that guarantees the highest level of service based on our Cloud model, handing over the burden of managing data centres and infrastructure to us, leaving the startup the maximum time and resources to dedicate to their own growth,” he said.

Aruba Cloud’s We START You UP program involves several different phases and contests that startups can participate in with various benefits, including a top prize worth up to €50,000 of free cloud credit offered by Aruba Cloud and free technical support to help the company gain the edge it needs with the cloud.

In the first stage, there is a webinar Training Day where startups can learn from Aruba Cloud’s partners about the best practices in designing their cloud infrastructure.

Secondly, the START stage is for those startups that have innovative ideas, sustainable business models, and global ambitions and gives access to €3,000 worth of free cloud credit for three years with training and support. To join the START stage, a startup needs to be under 36 months old and, above all, passionate about cloud technology and its future.


Then, there is the Pitch day, the third stage, which is the part of the program where the young companies will pitch their business plan to a panel of judges for a spot on the program’s UP stage competition. Startups that participate in this stage must have completed the START stage or should be currently completing it.

The UP stage is the final phase where only the three startups with the best projects can participate. As previously mentioned, the winners of the UP stage receive free cloud credit worth up to €50,000 for two years plus cloud architecture support from Aruba Cloud, including one-on-one support. The UP stage encourages the growth of startups by helping them to improve their IT architecture’s performance and scalability and their potential to compete with bigger names in the market.

Furthermore, as part of the program, Aruba Cloud is offering a €1,000 bonus to startups that are using the .cloud domain, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the domain launched and owned by Aruba S.p.A., its official registry.

To find out more information and apply for the program, click here.

Aruba Cloud is one of Europe’s leading cloud services providers with customers and services offered around the world for startups, SMEs and large companies. Its services include public and private cloud, virtual private servers, cloud storage and backup. It has data centres in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Czech Republic with a Poland data centre in the works.

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