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The Policy Dialogue is a space of discussion to help shape media regulations in Europe

The platform, used jointly by i3 and Vital Media, provides an open space for dialogue around media convergence and the social media domain.
The Policy Dialogue is a space of discussion to help shape media regulations in Europe

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The OPENNESS - OPEN Networked Enterprise Social Software suite - platform is the New European Media (NEM) community platform, run by i3 (Innovate, Invest, Impact) and Vital Media, two European Commission co-funded research projects, that has been created as a new space for discussing and collaborating on social media and media convergence policy in Europe.

The platform was developed during the VINCENTE project, an Italian research project funded by the Italian Ministry of Research in 2011, and is hosted and developed by Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA.

The goal of the dedicated space launched by i3 and Vital Media is to provide an open space for policy dialogue and collaboration where stakeholders can discuss current and forthcoming rules, regulations, and challenges. These are all key components of the EU’s ever-evolving Digital Single Market.


Companies, entrepreneurs, policymakers, academics, interest groups, and individuals can register for free and take part in the discussions and events with a view to generating data for i3 and Vital Media that they will present to the European Commission. These guidelines will help shape future regulations on social media and media convergence at an EU level. The recommendations on policy will be delivered by the projects at the end of their project lifetime.

The i3 project initially collected data through a survey and a stakeholder forum held in Brussels which identified two main topics of discussion for launching the policy dialogue.

Firstly, new media business models. As the media industry continues to change, businesses are seeking and developing new business models that are sustainable and competitive. Policy needs to keep up with these changes.

Secondly, barriers for stakeholders. The platform can be used to discuss the barriers for stakeholders where the development of policies may hinder media businesses from growing their business strategies.

Through a domain analysis, policy requirements survey, and a workshop at the 23rd NEM general assembly, Vital Media identified further relevant topics including data protection, privacy, and customer protection policy.

The platform will provide stakeholders with the opportunity to raise these issues, discuss and engage with others as well as access to features like matchmaking between relevant parties for one-on-one discussions and planning face-to-face events.

“It is an interactive platform, where people can suggest a topic of their concern for discussion and the best part is that European Commission policymakers will make future social media policies based on the discussion on the platform,” said Simona De Rosa of i3. “This is an opportunity for everyone to have a word that can make an impact.”

Registration for the platform is open now.

(​i3 project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688541​.)

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