Finnish clinical genetics testing firm Blueprint Genetics raises €14 million

Blueprint Genetics, a Finnish genetic testing company, has raised €14 million in a round led by Creathor Venture and MedTech Innovation Partners with participation from Inventure and Pontos Group.

The company plans to use the investment to accelerate its growth and expand into new markets with its sequencing platform and further develop the software behind it. It currently has around 450 hospitals in 40 countries using its programs.

“These funds will enable us to move our sequencing technology and our clinical data interpretation platform to the next level in terms of services provided, efficiency and level of automation,” said Tommi Lehtonen, CEO of Blueprint Genetics.

Blueprint Genetics aims to bring the use of genetic data and its cost efficiencies to mainstream healthcare, he added.

“The ability to automate and improve clinical interpretation processes with software will change the industry and with our unique set-up we are well positioned to be forerunners in this realm.”

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