Proxyclick raises €3 million to make building security easier

Proxyclick, a Belgian startup creating physical security solutions, has raised €3 million in Series A funding led by JOIN Capital.

The proptech (property tech) company, which was previously bootstrapped, creates a solution for accessing physical buildings. Guests are registered on the software platform and check in through an iPad at the premises, which notifies the host. It plans to add a facial recognition component that will scan visitor ID cards before allowing access.

According to the company, this remove the need for filling in paperwork or registering their license plate number with security and “operates like a digital airplane manifest for office buildings.”

The investment will help Proxyclick’s long term vision of build an all-encompassing security and access system.

“The long-term vision is to make arriving somewhere a frictionless process,” explained Gregory Blondeau, managing director of Proxyclick. “The parking facility recognizes your car, the access control is open for you, you enter the elevator to the right floor, you can access the Wi-Fi and indoor navigation takes you to the right meeting room where your favourite drink and your host is waiting for you – everything taken care of in an integrated, smart way. We want every legitimate visitor to feel like a VIP.”

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