Aurora Labs raises $2.7 million for its car software platform

Tel Aviv’s Aurora Labs has raised a $2.7 million seed round for its platform that delivers over-the-air (OTA) updates for car systems to reduce automotive software recalls. The funding comes from Maniv Mobility, MizMaa Ventures, Expansion Venture Capital, and Trucks Venture Capital.

Aurora Labs is developing a “self-healing platform” for monitoring errors in a car’s software before they become serious problems. It generates data about the car to detect any anomalies and proactively repair flaws where possible using universal Delta Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.

“We’re preventing countless software recalls by ushering in a new era of self-healing cars,” said Zohar Fox, Aurora Labs.

According to the company, the “overwhelming majority” of automotive recalls are down to software. The majority of cars are expected to be connected in some form by 2020. This can provide greater efficiency but also greater risks. Important car functions, like airbags and brakes, are increasingly relying on code to operate, and “malfunctions are inevitable,” he said.

“By revolutionizing the detection and resolution process, we’re helping the industry transition from expensive recalls to simple on-the-go updates that can even be executed when the vehicle is in motion.”

This can also cut down on the number of visits a driver has to make to the garage.

“Aurora’s platform does more than just enable OTA over-the-air] updates -- it will give vehicles the capacity to heal themselves,” added Michael Granoff, founder of [investor Maniv Mobility. “This ability will accelerate the advent of ever-more advanced connected and automated systems, ushering in a safer, cleaner, more accessible mobility future for all.”

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