Finland's Yetitablet raises €1 million to enter the Nordic markets with its giant tablet

Finnish startup Yetitablet has secured €1 million in a funding round led by Insmat, a local electronics distributor, with a public funding agency Business Finland as a co-investor. The startup's product is a giant tablet computer that can be used in education, team collaboration, hospitality, and other sectors.

Yetitablet was founded in 2015 by a married couple, Maria and Jarkko Jokelainen, who were looking for a way to help their three children diagnosed with Asperger's to communicate with the outside world. The large touchscreen turned out to be a good way to do that, not only for the family but also for more children and adults across the world.

“I am proud of the impact we have already made in education, with a successful visit to Jordanian schools last month demonstrating how Yetitablet empowers students to develop teamwork and soft skills crucial for later life,” said Maria Jokelainen.

Moving beyond education, the startup has launched pilot projects with care institutions in Finland, Germany, and Japan. The founders expect the company to reach a €2 million in revenue by the end of 2018 and look at construction, hospitality, and commercial retail as the next industries where their product can be used.

“We decided to invest in Yetitablet due to the great team and the superior user experience that their tablets have,” said Hannu Hietala, CEO of Insmat. “More impressive than the product is how Maria and Jarkko have been able to do what most hardware companies can't nowadays: bootstrap from zero a financially stable, scalable business with plenty of potentials."

Coming in a variety of sizes from 27" to 98" with 4K resolution, Yetitablet can run Android, Windows, or both. Depending on the customer's needs, it can sport a wall mount or a desk, as well as a water-, dust-, and shock-proof casing.

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