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Two-day “Off the chain” workshop comes to Berlin in late June to discuss state channels and scalability

Two-day “Off the chain” workshop comes to Berlin in late June to discuss state channels and scalability

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The scalability issues of blockchain have long been a problem that many crypto enthusiasts are trying to solve. One of the proposed high-potential solutions is the use of state channels, which allow a two-way peer-to-peer discussion between two entities, the result of which would be recorded on the blockchain. In a way, state channels allow participants to bypass interaction with the network and transaction fees while maintaining similar security guarantees.

On June 30, Binary District organises a two-day workshop in Berlin to bring together some of the most prominent blockchain developers and researchers to discuss the possible implementations and applications of state channels.

“State and payment channels are typically heralded as one of the most promising scaling solutions for cryptocurrencies,” said Patrick McCorry, a research associate at University College London, who will be moderating the event. “Over the past two to three years there has emerged several groups proposing new protocols, improvements, techniques, etc. for state channels, but it is also quite apparent that all groups are splintered.


“So this workshop has been organised to provide an opportunity to present research and real-world implementations of state channels, but, most importantly, bring the groups together under one roof to share ideas and hopefully collaborate in the future. Thanks to Binary District, the event is also €70 which is extremely cheap for an event of this calibre. So yeah, I’m completely excited for it! It will be amazing.”

The workshop's programme includes two days of talks and panel discussions by more than 25 speakers from all over the world. Coming from practical and academic backgrounds, they will offer unique perspectives on the current developments in the blockchain industry and will share their knowledge and experience with the community.

The event will take place in Berliner Freiheit. It's limited to 200 participants, so don't miss your chance to get familiar with cutting-edge research and practical insights from blockchain experts.

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