Norwegian-Swedish startup Tibber offers smart charging for EVs, brings a Tesla executive on board

Norwegian-Swedish startup Tibber offers smart charging for EVs, brings a Tesla executive on board

Tibber, an energy startup that markets itself as “Spotify for power,” has offered a smart charging feature for Tesla and other electric cars and hybrids. The company has also announced that it's added Odd-Even Bustnes, Tesla's director of business development for Europe, to its board of directors.

Unlike a number of smart car charging apps that work out the best time to consume electricity based on tariffs of one energy supplier, Tibber itself is effectively an AI-powered energy supplier. The main idea is that the app can purchase energy from producers, including those within the local grid, at the best prices.

“The purchase of energy is conducted in a fully digital way, between the producer of energy and the end consumer,” Edgeir Aksnes, co-founder and CEO of Tibber, told “All required functions as forecasting and purchase of energy hour by hour is conducted fully digitally through the Tibber platform. The sources from where the consumers buy their energy are other consumers with rooftop solar, industrial energy producers (hydro, wind, and solar), and country-wide marketplaces/hubs—with algorithms orchestrating all transactions.

“This way end-to-end transaction (with origin guaranteed) are arranged in a close to no-cost way, cutting all mark-ups we find in the ordinary value chain.”

Marketing itself for electric vehicle owners, Tibber has launched its smart charging capability that is compatible with 21 car models by Tesla, BMW, Volvo, and Volkswagen. The company claims that its solution can cut 20 percent off the charging price compared to the rest of the market.

Founded in 2016, Tibber has raised $4 million in funding to date. Currently, it operates in Norway, which it calls “the world’s most advanced EV-market,” and Sweden. The company has also identified geographic areas for future expansion, including some of the US states, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Singapore, and more.

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