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Like it or not, AI is going to have a massive impact on all of us—Come and discuss with thought leaders at the AI Conference in London this fall

Like it or not, AI is going to have a massive impact on all of us—Come and discuss with thought leaders at the AI Conference in London this fall

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The topic of artificial intelligence has been among the most-discussed by both technical professionals and enterprise decision makers for a while, and yet there's still more than enough to talk about. The industry is changing at a rapid pace, with new frameworks, concepts, and ideas surfacing on a daily basis. That's why it's important for all the players in the industry to get together once in a while to converse over the most important topics in their work.

When talking about bringing technical communities together, the name of O'Reilly comes up naturally, since the media company has a long track record of gathering people around products and ideas. This year, O'Reilly together with Intel AI brings its Artificial Intelligence Conference to Europe for the first time, with the inaugural event set to be held in London on October 8–11.

Started in 2016, O'Reilly's AI Conference has already been held in New York, San Francisco, and Beijing. The first London edition will focus on the application of different AI technologies and solution to real-life business cases. Some of the topics to be discussed include deep learning, reinforcement learning, computer vision, speech recognition, as well as sensors and other hardware elements in AI.

The conference, which expects to welcome over 500 attendees, caters to both technical professionals and business decision makers interested in learning more about applied AI. The main concept of the event is the pragmatic approach to the topic and content that would be relevant for all AI practitioners.

For enterprise managers, there's an AI Business Summit concurrent with the conference program. The participants can expect a full day tutorial on bringing AI into the enterprise, as well as two days of executive briefings on topics including the ethics of AI, putting together an AI team in the organisation, identification of the right use cases, as well as overviews of the AI technologies that are relevant today.

For deeply technical professionals—data and machine learning engineers, data scientists, and so on—O'Reilly has prepared tutorials, training courses and hands-on sessions covering a wide variety of tools and concepts. Software developers who are looking at entering the AI space will also get practical information on how to build AI solutions from scratch with available platforms and solutions.

In addition to that, many talks at the conference will cover the topics of user experience (UX) and design in the AI context, as well as more generally important aspects of it such as ethics, privacy, security, and transparency.

Having a history of successfully bringing technology communities together, O'Reilly is also able to get hold of some of the best speakers in the industry. For instance, Supasorn Suwajanakorn will talk about the dark side of AI and a possibility to create fake footage of people based on real video materials. Rannia Leontaridi from the UK's Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy will bring the government perspective on artificial intelligence technologies and possibilities.

On the technical side, Yangqing Jia, the creator of the Caffe AI framework who currently leads Facebook's AI Platform team, will talk about the evolution of the AI hardware and software ecosystem. Lili Cheng, a corporate VP of Microsoft’s AI and Research Division, will bring the enterprise perspective on the technological developments in the industry.

A limited amount of Early Bird tickets for O'Reilly AI Conference are available now—check out the agenda and book a pass.

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