Reflecting on the future: this festival will bring Sophia the robot and others together in Cyprus on 9 and 10 May

Reflecting on the future: this festival will bring Sophia the robot and others together in Cyprus on 9 and 10 May

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Limassol, a beautiful city on the southern coast of Cyprus, itself located in the far south-east of Europe, will provide the setting for a festival that aims to explore “the history of the future”.

Dubbed Reflect Festival for that reason, the event will bring together more than 1,000 people will gather on the sun-kissed island, which is conveniently located at the crossroads between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The goal of the festival is for participants to not only discuss what the future has in store for humanity in the fields of AI, health & wellbeing, travel, impact and so on - but also to experience it first-hand by means of funky gadgets, games and other advanced tech.

Joining the impressive line-up for the occasion will be Sophia, the humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. She will not be alone on stage; some of the other 60+ speakers include Juraj Vaculik (co-founder and CEO of flying car company AeroMobil), Jamie Bolding (founder & CEO of Jungle Creations, a media company for the social age), Sujay Tyle (the 25-year old entrepreneur who raised more than $200 million to date for his startup selling used cars in developing countries), Chris Duffey (head of AI innovation & strategy at Adobe) and plenty more.

Reflect Festival will take place in Limassol on 9 and 10 May, and this is what you can expect (on top of potentially a nice bit of time off on a sunny island). If that’s not enough to get you interested in participating in the two-day glimpse into the future, here’s two more reasons: will be represented there by our own Simon McDermott, and we’ve got a nice discount code to share: TECHEU20 will get you (duh) 20% off the ticket price!

Go and check out Reflect Festival, and if you’ve never been to Cyprus like I hadn’t before my recent trip to check out the local startup ecosystem (more on that very soon), you now have the perfect excuse.

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