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Explore the future of cybersecurity and AI at the international conference in Prague

Explore the future of cybersecurity and AI at the international conference in Prague

How does it sound to you — to explore the future of tomorrow’s digital landscape at the Unesco-listed World Heritage Site? Unexpected? Well, that is Prague for you. Located in the heart of Europe and oozing with culture and history, Prague is so much more than a tourist destination for architecture lovers. It’s also a base for Avast, a digital security unicorn that went public in 2018, and home to the Institute of Cryptoanarchy, with its hackathons, experts, and international community exploring the world impacted by decentralised currencies and anti-spyware encryption tools.

It’s no wonder, with such potential and thriving ecosystem, Prague is hosting CyberSec & AI Prague a quintessential international conference on cybersecurity and AI, where professionals and academics at the forefront of AI, machine learning and cybersecurity are sharing their insights and predictions. 

CyberSec & AI Prague examines how continual and rapid advances in artificial intelligence are transforming the ways cybersecurity experts protect us online. ​Avast ​and CTU (Czech Technical University) aim to bring together the best minds in the industry to share their vision for what the future holds and debate the possibilities of tomorrow’s digital landscape. The local talents are joined by professors from UC Berkeley, NYU, Stanford University, among others, to discuss ways of securing digital democracies, analysing big data in security, and advances in adversarial AI — the malicious development and use of advanced digital technology and systems that have intellectual processes typically associated with human behaviour.

For students and researchers, CyberSec & AI Prague announced an open call that will allow them to present their research topics and achievements during a poster session at the conference. Particularly prominent at scientific conferences, poster sessions are a great opportunity for researchers to join the ranks of expert speakers. The poster session usually consist of multiple poster presentations (research information in the form of a paper poster) for the conference participants to view. The list of topics selected for the poster session at CyberSec & AI Prague is ranging from new advancements in adversarial AI within security domains, to model training and evaluation techniques for maximum protection, and use of AI in consumer security (PCs, mobile devices, IoT).

While the open call only applies to those willing to share their scientific research, anyone who wants to stay ahead in our ever-changing world can attend the conference on the 25th of October, and even score a summer price on their tickets, if they act fast.

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