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Building the futureproof Europe: SingularityU brings top speakers to Brussels on September 23-24

Building the futureproof Europe: SingularityU brings top speakers to Brussels on September 23-24

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The fall event season is off to an overwhelming start, but we've got something that may be just right for your calendar. In just a few weeks, on September 23-24, SingularityU will hold its first Belgian Summit at The Egg in Brussels under the umbrella theme of Exponential Europe. 

Europe's role in the rapidly changing global technological environment has long been an important question, with entrepreneurs, researchers, corporate decision-makers, and community builders looking for an answer to it. SingularityU will bring together more than 800 European leaders across business, technology, and government to provide their perspective on it. 

“The conference aims to inspire the citizen, manager, and policymaker and to prepare for a transition period of radical technological innovations,” the organisers stated. “Moreover, to use this for a more sustainable future.” 

The event is aimed at corporate and government executives, innovative entrepreneurs, non-profits, education professionals, and students — that is, everyone who's actively participating in creating what SingularityU calls the “futureproof Europe.” 

A programme sneak peek

The conference programme is a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the exponential change catalysed by technology. Here's your chance to meet three of the speakers to get a taste of what to expect at the event. 

How can we prepare for an unpredictable technological future with our jobs, well-being, and planet at stake? Parneet Pal presents a science-backed technique that can help us scale not just mental resilience and emotional intelligence, but better health, creativity, collaboration, and wise Leadership. That technique is the inner technology of mindfulness and compassion.

Blockchain is today a typical buzzword that organizations use to measure a contemporary image for themselves. Even Facebook uses this for its launch of its new cryptomint Libra. Anne Connelly, a blockchain expert since 2012, does her best to clear up all misunderstandings. Ever since the advent of this exciting technology, it has been on the alert to make it clear to as many people as possible what blockchain is and how its great potential can really be used.

 Brian Robertson wrote his vision on entrepreneurship in his book Holacracy. This self-management system is considered the handbook for an autonomous, self-managing, and responsive company. In the meantime, more than 1,000 companies worldwide have adopted his vision, and Brian travels the world as an entrepreneurial pioneer.

With several weeks to go before the Summit, the tickets are in short supply. Secure yours today at

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