London's Sportside raises £400,000 from Fortunis Capital for its 'Tinder for sports'

London's Sportside raises £400,000 from Fortunis Capital for its 'Tinder for sports'

Exclusive: London-based Fortunis Capital has injected £400,000 into "the Tinder for Sports" app Sportside, which enables users to get matched with people who share the same sports interests and/or are looking to play or participate in their sport of choice (provided it's included in the list of 130+ identified by the startup).

The app basically enables individuals and coaches to find like-minded users so they can enjoy a certain sport at convenient times and locations, handle payments, book facilities, while also getting proactively informed about upcoming local competitions, relevant events and whatnot.

On the B2B side, the company also provides management software for clubs and teams, with a built-in loyalty card, through its app. Brands can also sign up with Sportside to offer discounts on products and services directly to an audience of sports enthusiasts.

Sportside founder and CEO Xan Varmuza said: "Sport changes lives and is a force for social good. Sportsmen and women all over the world are desperate to play but need someone to play with. This easy-to-use App can find that playing partner for them. The sports industry is also the second largest industry in the world. Participation is on the increase all over the world - but so is obesity. Sportside promotes participation and connects with commerce."

Bob Frost, Investment Director at Fortunis, added: "The sports industry is still only in its digital infancy and there is now a chance to create a worldwide sports brand that is the world’s local sports club."

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