Mr Jeff becomes simply "Jeff," services super app, after acquiring two Spanish companies

Mr Jeff becomes simply

Mr Jeff, the Valencia-based startup for laundry delivery, has acquired two other Spanish businesses, Entrenarme and Oh My Cut!, in an effort to become a “services super app,” incorporating new verticals that aid both convenience and well-being. The two acquisitions will develop the company’s fitness and beauty verticals, respectively.

Further underscoring this new phase of the company is its name change to simply “Jeff,” with nested brands for operations per vertical. “Mr Jeff” will remain for the original laundry service, while two new services are born: Fit Jeff and Beauty Jeff. Fit Jeff will be built on top of Entrenarme, a Valencian startup that connects users and personal trainers via its platform SpaceFit. "Entrenarme meets all our requirements for the optimal development of our fitness vertical. Incorporating their entire team and integrating their market knowledge is key to opening this new line of business successfully,” said Eloi Gómez, CEO and founder of Jeff. As for the beauty vertical, first announced in June, the company has signed a collaboration agreement with the hairdressing chain Oh my Cut!, to build a network of Beauty Jeff franchises. Users will soon be able to book services via the app. Overall, Jeff seeks a dual positive impact: to make the lives of customers easier, and also to support local businesses who were sidelined by or otherwise suffered from the digital revolution.

“Jeff wants to empower small and large businesses who wanted to offer well-being services to their customers but were sent into oblivion and lost their competitive edge following large-scale digitization of the market. Jeff offers them the chance to become part of a franchise network where instead, they will benefit from this digital power, but without losing their essence and personal touches that make them unique,” explained Gómez.

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